Ladies Watches, 2009 Watches For Ladies to Choose

This Article is about choosing Ladies Watches for 2009 and suggesting collection of watches to fill in their wardrobe.

What is in store for ladies in 2009? Are the watch company and manufacturers releasing new models for ladies this year?

Men may settled with one or two watches to get him going for a year, but for women who are fashion conscious, have multiple hobbies and would like to appear outstanding’ in many different occasions, multiple choice of watches is what you need. I’m sharing with you here watches that is rather cheap but have great design and style.

Apart from last years collection that is still timelessly beautiful and precise, let’s look for new ladies watch option for 2009 that you might consider, to match with your leather handbag, sports outfit, and casual style.

We start off with watches to match with leather handbag. Ladies ‘dress watches’, whether it is with bracelet or leather, both are good options.

Movado watches have a very feminine sense of appearance. Movado watches mostly come with bracelets. The stainless steel bracelet and scratch resistant sapphire crystal, paired with a gold or silver sharp dial with black face underneath, and a single diamond on the 12 hour point is astonishingly beautiful. The ‘Amorosa’ collection is a must have in a ladies wardrobe.

If you want to opt for a leather version, choose the ‘Amorosa’ collection with a black leather strap. Priced normally below $500, this watch will match all your elegance sense. Seiko does produce a cheaper version of leather watches without compromising the strong desire for elegance. You can try and look for Seiko Women Brown Leather Strap priced normally below $80.

Appear casual in Timex Women Easy Reader or a Citizen Women Eco-Drive for ladies, priced below $90, it’s the best option during the current economic turmoil. Wear your ‘khakis’ pants and women polo shirt, this watches will tag along plain but fit in nicely with your style.

Finally, if you are the outdoor kind of person, more time spent outside enjoying nature, Timex Women 1440 Sports Digital Watch maybe a good selection. This 34 millimeters and 10.56 ounces beauty fits nicely on any ladies wrist. Priced below $16, you’ll enjoy the digital features it carries. The cloth band makes you feel really comfortable.

Well, who said the recession will affect your style and elegance. For me, a new watch can spark a little happiness, a remedy and keep your life interesting every time you need to see the time.

By doing a little research, you can still afford a sense of elegance at a friction of the cost.

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